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What caught my attention in week fourty-eight, 2023

In continuation to week 47, here are a few thoughts and things that caught my attention in week 48, 2023:

  1. They call it "text from AI tools", but it's more ore less citation in the end.↩︎
  2. I really do like their other Markdown based app iA Presenter. There are a couple of similar apps already, like Deckset and Hyperdeck, but iA's implementation is awesome as usual.↩︎
  3. is a service for which I have a kind of love-hate relationship (although this is greatly exaggerated). I want to love the service, and Manton seems to be a really nice person; the community and idea are also great. However, I always feel like mb is so fragile that you only have to look at it sideways for it to fall apart. Something is always not working and it seems very oddly cobbled together. It's supposed to be a simple service but often it ends up being totally complicated and confusing. I never know if I'm just too stupid to tick the right boxes, or if I've stumbled upon another bug again.↩︎

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