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What caught my attention in week fourteen, 2023

This week we were on holiday together with my wife's family, with a total of 15 people and a dog. There was a lot of hustle and bustle, good food and nice hikes. There was also a bike tour. Our dog learned the most.

Forest landscape in the Palatinate Forest. A dog on a leash is standing a little distance away.

Although I didn't have a laptop or iPad with me, just my iPhone, there were a few things (in the Fediverse) that caught my attention in week fourteen, 2023:

  1. I just tried for 1m30 to select an URL in Bears and switched back to Drafts. It's so much easier. So, it's not only this really bad iOS keyboard but its implementation as well. Speaking of Bear, besides the keyboard desaster I like what it is offering, but I still prefer apps that use plain text files I can access with other apps as well, esp. on macOS. And yes, I know Drafts does not do this, but Obsidian and Logseq. Update 15.04.2023: The latest Bears 2 beta totally fixed the problems I had with text selection 🥳↩︎

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